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Sesimbra Hotel & Spa

Sesimbra Hotel & Spa

Hotel in Lisbon

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Set in a privileged location with great views of the Atlantic Ocean, the 4* Sesimbra Hotel and Spa is a great place to stay in the delightful coastal town of Sesimbra.  With 84 rooms and 8 suites, each accommodation is designed to give the flow of the sea and beaches close by; decorated in smooth, beige and blues, they give you a real sense of being by the coast.

The hotel offers 2 restaurants – the Aquarius and Mosaic Bar-Restaurant.  The Aquarius offers great food with views over the ocean and the Mosaic Bar-Restaurant is inspired by the sea with mosaics of the ocean.  There is also the Horizon Bar where you can meet and catch up after a day on the golf course or beach or simply sit outside on the terrace sipping a cool drink.

Other services at the hotel include a gym, spa, outdoor pool, shop and parking.  There is also a ‘private area’ where you can spend time to relax.


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