Recognised as the number 1 golf course in Europe, the Valderrama hosted the Ryder Cup in 1997, the first time outside the British Isles and Ireland. The fairways have been described by top pros and leading golf writers as the best in Europe, if not the best in the world. It is not an easy course – nor was it intended to be. It is designed so as to call forth thought and precision for every shot. The amenability of the golf course to the handicap golfer and its deliberate severity to the championship player owe much to the extensive range of tees. Each hole has a Professional tee, a Club Championship tee, an Executive tee and a Seniors’ tee as well as a ladies. The tees are differentiated not just by distance but by careful sitting. Valderrama has two prevailing winds: the poniente from the land, which in summer can be very hot, and the levante from the Mediterranean, which brings a cooler sea breeze. The changed conditions, depending on which one is blowing, add variety to a golf course that is already rich in shot values.

Valderrama, Costa del Sol

Additional Info

  • Recognised as the number 1 golf course in Europe
  • It is not an easy course

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