The newest Pestana hotel in downtown Porto, the 5* Porto A Brasileira is built in the famous A Brasileira Café, the first to serve a cup of coffee in the early 20th century.  Still with the original architectural features, this luxury hotel is close to many main attractions in Porto city, including the Sa da Bandeira Theatre and the famous Sao Bento Train Station.

All 89 rooms are distributed across floors with each having a design to represent the spice and product trades from the 15th and 16th centuries: Anise, Coffee, Cinnamon, Tea, Chocolate and Pink Pepper.  With a variety of different deluxe views, some with grand views of the rooftops of the city centre of views of some of the most important streets of Porto, each room is decorated for the client’s need for relaxation.

The restaurant A Brasileira offers a menu inspired by traditional Portuguese cuisine, allowing the diner to experience many flavours and aromas.

An all-day menu is available at the A Brasileira Café, including light meals and a selection of delicious pastries served with the traditional roasted coffee.

Pestana A Brasileira Hotel, Porto

  • 5 stars

Additional Info

  • The famous A Brasileira Café
  • With the original architectural features
  • The newest Pestana hotel in downtown Porto

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