The Marrakech Royal Golf Club, one of the longest established golf courses in Morocco is a legendary 27-hole par-72 course built in the 1920’s by the Pasha of Marrakech

A favourite of King Hassan II and boasting many other prestigious guests such as Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and Ike Eisenhower the Marrakech Royal Golf Club, located right at the foot of the Atlas Mountains is a course of extreme beauty that’s lush with over 15,000 Eucalyptus, Palm, Orange and Apricot trees and offers an unforgettable experience on every hole.

The 15th is nicknamed Bridgette Bardot because of its beautiful shapes.

Royal Golf Club, Marrakech

Additional Info

  • 27 Holes
  • One of the longest established golf courses in Morocco
  • This course offers an unforgettable experience on every hole

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